Story Behind the Froyo:

We are Proud to Say our Froyo is Finely Crafted by Sugar Creek Foods and Honey Hill Farms. Here is an excerpt from their site.

“The term “crafted” is thrown around a lot, but it is the mantra at Sugar Creek Foods. Bulky flavorings are key—like real fruit purees, indulgent cocoas, vanillas, vanilla beans, coffees, cookies, marshmallow, nuts, and other exotic flavoring ingredients carefully blended into each batch. We don’t buy from one major flavoring company. Sugar Creek casts a wide net out into the flavoring world and we pick the very best.

Another process many producers have forgotten, in these days of automation, is the aging process of the product prior to blast freezing. It is an added step and difficult for many, but Sugar Creek has kept the tradition of letting all the ingredients—especially the complicated flavoring—settle and mature in cooler vaults prior to blast freezing. That’s crafting with care.”

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